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Value Added Delivery Services

Customized Smart Delivery Technologies
We have made the investment necessary to give you value added delivery services with the industry’s best practices, and employ the best delivery technologies to ensure rock-solid reliability and accurate local delivery for our customers. We can guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of our deliveries because we have more resources available – more driver agents, a wider area of coverage and better technology and processes for dispatching, tracking, communicating, and reporting (OSD, ASN).

Online Delivery Ordering, Dispatching and Tracking
Our IQ smart technology systems allow you to place an order for local delivery, send electronic advanced shipment notifications (EASNs) and over/shortage/damage (OSD) reports with a single click, direct from our website. When your package is delivered, you will receive a direct email confirmation and verification of your online delivery orders in real time. If you choose to place an order by phone, just give us the name of the person or business you’re sending to and our system will update with the correct address and delivery information to the dispatcher’s screen. Either way, it’s quick, it’s simple and it’s confirmed in a matter of seconds. As part of our value added service we don’t just make it right – we make it easy, too.
Barcode Verification and GPS Tracking
Utilizing the latest GPS fleet tracking devices, we provide bar code and location verification at every critical point on the delivery route. IQ’s Chain of Custody protocol and GPS tracking system ensures that your package arrives securely on time, every time - we guarantee it. If you require secure, documented delivery of important business documents, financial instruments, packages or critical freight, save yourself time and headaches by making IQ your first choice for local delivery service.
Great People
Our driver agents are sharp, seasoned professionals who understand that they are making an impression on your customers and business associates every time they make a delivery for you. Their “can do” attitude, good manners, and clean-cut grooming support and confirm the impression that is made for your company by guaranteed on-time delivery. Thrilling our customers – and your customers – never gets old.
Competitive Pricing
IQ’s leading technology, uncommon customer service and guaranteed on time same day and next day delivery cost no more – in fact, in many cases, less – than what you’re paying now for local delivery service. You do the math: Hire IQ = Lower Overall Costs.
Nationwide Delivery
Because IntelliQuick is affiliated with a national network of top delivery companies, we can put together the necessary resources to provide you with priority nationwide delivery, same day delivery, or next day delivery.
SAS 70 Type II Certification
The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants has audited our internal management systems and controls and found them to be effective in achieving our clients’ specified control objectives.