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Final Mile Logistics

It’s true. IntelliQuick delivers the Final Mile faster, better, and smarter than anyone else. That’s because we can engineer solutions that are tailored to meet the unique demands of any business. We solve your Final Mile puzzle, no matter how complex, to reduce your costs and grow your revenue. We have an extensive network of warehousing and distribution centers throughout the Southwest, with well-established, economical delivery routes, and the flexibility to customize them to suit your requirements. We streamline your delivery for optimal efficiency using advanced technology, leading process management tools, real-time tracking and secure Chain of Custody protocol. Our vast fleet of trucks, vans, and delivery vehicles ensures the right asset for the job, large or small. Our experienced, professional, uniformed drivers prioritize customer service, and our decades of experience assure the safe, secure, and reliable delivery of your shipment, on time, every time, down to the very Last Mile.

Final Mile logistics designed around you.
IntelliQuick is that rare combination of large enough to handle it, small enough to care. We have the resources, routes and requisite experience to meet a wide range of Final Mile needs. If we can take care of mega-retailers, we can customize a solution that takes care of you.

Warehousing Management and Fulfillment
With 100,000+ square feet of space, IntelliQuick can inventory your goods, break down shipments, pick and pack to fulfill orders, and deliver them same-day or next-day, utilizing our state-of-the-art computerized inventory system.

Precision-Engineered Cross Docking
Our cross-docking team combines 50 years of experience and the latest technology in logistics and supply-chain management to closely synchronize all inbound and outbound shipments for just-in-time loading and unloading. Whether going out in bulk or broken down to individual items, we handle all your Final Mile shipments faster, better, and smarter.

Customized, Integrated Technology
Our commitment to investing in technology adds value to our services and reduces your costs. It increases our efficiency and bolsters our reliability. By automating manual processes, we eliminate costly errors and streamline operations. That’s faster, better, smarter FInal Mile solutions.


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