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Legal Courier Solutions

It’s an open-and-shut case. IntelliServe has emerged as a leader in the legal courier and mobile notary services field. Our professional staff has earned the trust and respect of lawyers, judges and government officials throughout the Western United States. Our engineered solutions are tailored to meet the unique demands of any legal office, with the personnel, technology and area of coverage to expedite and document all service of process. Using a vast fleet of well-maintained trucks and courier vehicles, advanced tracking technology, registered legal support services and secure Chain of Custody protocol, we solve the legal courier puzzle, no matter how complex, streamlining your delivery for optimal efficiency. Our professional, badged and uniformed drivers are experienced in the special handling of court filings, complaints, subpoena, public notary and service of process. They prioritize customer service to assure secure, timely and reliable legal support—prompt, documented and done.

  • Skilled and Experienced
    Knowledgeable in special handling of court filings, legal papers and procedural documents
  • Professional
    Registered Service Officer and/or Certified Process Server
  • Mobile Notary Service
    Professional couriers who are also public notaries
  • Courteous, Badged and Uniformed
    Seasoned professionals who prioritize customer service
  • Advanced Chain of Custody Tracking Technology
    Documents prompt, accurate service of process in real time
  • Timely and Efficient
    Service completed the same day you provide documents

Legal Courier Services designed around you.
IntelliServe was created to establish a new standard of reliability, flexibility and professionalism in legal courier services. We succeed because we have the area of coverage, registered and certified personnel, and state-of-the-art communications and computer technology to ensure fast and accurate legal filings and service of process, customized to meet your needs.

Prompt. Documented. Done.
IntelliServe provides a daily route to all courts and administrative agencies within the county. Service is typically completed the same day you provide documents. If necessary, we make at least three attempts at service, at different times and days. On completion, you are immediately notified by phone and/or email. We file Proof of Service with the court, and send you a copy by mail or fax.

Guaranteed Timely Service
IntelliServe guarantees same-day attempted legal courier service within the county, and anywhere else in the state or country within 24 hours. We provide industry-leading service for a complete offering of legal support:

Legal document and motion filing, including after hours and same-day State Courthouse filings

Subpoena, process and mobile notary public service

Summons and complaint, petition and forcible detainer

Orders of protection, temporary restraining, and order to show cause

E-filings, injunctions, writs, cross-complaints and small claims

Notices of garnishment, bank levy, tenant eviction and investigations

Check depositing, cash on delivery and fee advancements

Professional Couriers, Notaries and Process Servers
Our registered Service Officers are seasoned professionals who have all passed an FBI background and fingerprint check. Many are Certified Process Servers. And if you need a document notarized for delivery or upon receipt, no problem. Many of our legal couriers are also notaries, offering a mobile notary service that gets the job done.

Industry-Leading Chain of Custody Technology
Using advanced tracking technology, we document each delivery, ensuring absolute security through an accurate, real-time Chain of Custody protocol. Our in-the-field technology capabilities allow for electronic order placement, online tracking, GPS Proof of Service, automated runner tracking, electronic signature capture and email delivery confirmation on all service of process, court filings and secure deliveries.

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